All dance classes have a suggested age, but placement is based on skill level and is determined by the Studio owner.  Evaluations are required for any student wishing to move into a higher dance level.


Creative Movement (Age 2-3) (Ballet/Tap Combo)

This 45 minute Combo class allows the toddler time to explore movement through games, musical awareness, and creative play. The student will be introduced to stretching along with opportunities to explore different ways to move throughout a given space. Time will be given for creative expression. This class will help the children learn to appreciate music & movement. A great option for boys and girls! This class will not perform in the Spring Production but will have an in-house recital at The Studio.


Primary Ballet I (Age 3-4)


This 45 minute class allows the toddler time to explore movement through games, musical awareness, and basic ballet technique. The student will be introduced to stretching with opportunities to explore different ways to move throughout a given space. Time will be given for creative expression. This class will help the children learn to appreciate music & movement. A great option for boys and girls! This class WILL perform in the Spring Production.


Primary Ballet II (Ages 4-5)


This is a 45 minute class where the student will learn basic ballet terminology and musical awareness. The student will explore movement and locomotor skills through games, stories, and free dance. This class will perform in the Spring Production. Students must be 4 years old by Sept 30th to enroll in Primary Ballet II.


Primary Ballet III (Ages 5 - 7)


This Ballet class will introduce basic technique and terminology of Ballet to the student. In this 45 minute class the student will begin the transition to Intermediate Ballet and creative expression will continue to be emphasized. This class will perform in the Spring Production.  Students must be 5 years old by September 30th to enroll in Primary Ballet III.


Primary Tap (Ages 3-4) 


This Tap class will introduce basic technique and terminology of Tap to the student. This 45 minute class consists of building coordination with flexibility in the knees and ankles while focusing on the fun of rhythm through tap movement. During the Spring Production, the class will perform a tap routine.​


Ballet Technique Class 


These ballet classes focus strictly on technique and terminology, and do not participate in the end of the year recital.  These classes are for students interested in gaining more technique time in the studio, or for students who need ballet as a prerequisite for another class, but do not wish to perform ballet in the recital.




Intermediate/Advanced BALLET 


Each ballet class will focus on ballet technique, strengthening, and conditioning. Following Ballet A, ballet classes are given using a graded system. Advancing to the next grade will only occur after mastering the current grade. Dancers will not be promoted to the next Grade when they reach a certain age, rather when they have exhibited the skill and strength needed.


Ballet 1 (Ages 8 & up) 


The first class in a graduated syllabus, Intermediate I teaches the beginning technique for ballet and is the basis for further study in the art. This class is for the student ready to learn the art & discipline of ballet. The student must be able to focus and take direction before beginning this class and be willing to work to build the strength needed for Ballet.


Ballet 2, Ballet 3 and Advanced Ballet 


Ballet 2, Ballet 3, and Advanced are graded classes and a student's advancement to a higher level is decided on skill level not on age. Students in Advanced Ballet who are interested in pointe must take a minimum of 2 classes per week in order to dance en pointe. The 2 classes may be in their level or one level lower. A student is welcome to take one class per week to gain knowledge of ballet and perform in the Spring Show, however they will not be able to do pointe work. 


Pointe (Ages 11 & up)


Pointe work will be done during Advanced Ballet classes. A minimum of 1 year in Advanced Ballet will be required before a dancer can be considered for Pointe. 

Tap 1 (Ages 5 and up), Tap 2, Tap 3, Advanced Tap


In each Tap class, the student will work on musicality, creating rhythm, and forming clean sounds of tap steps appropriate for the level. From Tap 1 to Advanced Tap, the student will progress through the levels from building the foundation necessary for tap to learning more complex combinations and establishing mastery of steps previously taught.


Jazz 1 (Ages 8 and up), Jazz 2, Jazz 3, Advanced Jazz


Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3 and Advanced are high energy classes. The student will work on isolations, stretches, footwork, turns, along with leaps and jumps. The student will move from focusing on musicality and counting of dance steps, to proper alignment and technique, and to more complex progressions. Students must be enrolled in a ballet technique class in order to take jazz classes.

Primary Contemporary (Ages 5-7), Contemporary 1, Contemporary 2, Contemporary 3, Advanced Contemporary 


Contemporary gives experienced dancers an opportunity to express themselves through emotion and style. A merging of ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques, contemporary is a highly technical dance form. Students must be enrolled in a ballet technique class in order to take contemporary class.   Jazz is also highly recommended as a co-requisite.  

Class placement is done by skill, not just age. 



Hip Hop 1 (Ages 6 and up), Hip Hop 2, Hip Hop 3, Advanced Hip Hop


Hip Hop, which originated in NYC in the 70's, has had a significant impact on the American culture and has spread rapidly around the globe. It is a high energy class that incorporates breaking, popping, and locking. Because of its roots, there is a freestyle element to Hip Hop that allows students to explore individual expression. We are proud to provide Hip Hop classes in which all of the choreography and music is clean and appropriate for all ages.



Acro 1, Acro 2, Acro 3/Advanced Acro


Acrobatics is the perfect marriage of gymnastics and dance. In Acrobatics I, II and Advanced, the student will learn acrobatics and basic dance skills. Class time is divided between warm-up, strengthening, and execution of tumbling skills while integrating basic dance movement. Each level will focus on balance, flexibility, and expression through acrobatic movements (from cartwheels and headstands to walkovers and aerials) combined with dance elements (from ballet, jazz, modern, and/or contemporary).

Class placement is done by skill, not age.


Musical Theatre Dance (Ages 8 & up)


Musical Theatre productions, or musicals, are performed around the world. This form of theatre combines singing, music, spoken dialogue, and dance to express the emotion of the story. Musical Theatre Dance will provide students an opportunity to explore acting, lip-synching, and choreography all in one. Students will work on warm-up exercises, character development, stage direction, and Broadway style dance. Students do not need to be able to sing.


The Studio Ensemble Competition Team (Ages 5 & up)


Our award winning competition Dance Ensemble is a fun and challenging way for kids to take their dancing to the next level. While we remain a "recreational" dance studio (i.e. our students are not required to dance five days a week), our Ensemble works hard and is recommended for students who are looking for more of a challenge. Each year our competition teams will compete routines in various disciplines including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, and Contemporary. All Ensemble members are required to take Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Stretch, Turn & Leap. Auditions are held in the Spring, and our new Season begins in July, during our Summer Intensive.


Stretch, Turn, Leap 1, 2, 3, and Advanced (Ages 5 & up)


This class is designed to improve students’ mobility, flexibility, balance, and turn and leap technique. It is open to all students and required for all Ensemble members.


Dance Lessons


"The only thing that nobody else has is you.  Your voice​​​​​, your mind, your story, your vision.  So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can."​​​

Neil Gaiman