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Mrs. Emily had a passion for the performing arts from a young age, and her journey in the world of dance and theater began in her childhood. Born and raised in King George, Virginia, Emily danced with the King George Ballet Company and School for over 10 years. She participated in local community theater productions and school plays, where her natural talent and love for the stage shone through.

After graduating from high school, Emily pursued her dreams of furthering her education in theater. She attended Shenandoah University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Musical Theatre. Shenandoah University is renowned for its excellent performing arts programs, and Emily's time there allowed her to refine her skills, gain invaluable experience, and learn from seasoned professionals in the field.

During her time at Shenandoah University, Emily had the opportunity to participate in numerous productions, both on and off the stage. She showcased her acting, singing, and dancing abilities in various musicals and plays, further honing her craft and building a strong foundation for her future career. Emily's dedication, talent, and hard work earned her recognition among her peers and faculty, solidifying her passion for theater.

After completing her studies at Shenandoah University, Emily sought new avenues to expand her theatrical experience. Along with her husband Evan, she joined the world renowned Missoula Children's Theatre, an organization that tours across the world, working with children to produce full-scale musical productions. Emily and Evan took on the roles of both actor and director, traveling to different communities and inspiring young minds through the magic of theater. This experience not only allowed Emily to further develop her skills as a performer but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the transformative power of a fine arts education.

Motivated by her desire to make a lasting impact on her community and share her passion for theater, Emily decided to establish her own performing arts studio. She returned to her hometown of King George, Virginia, and became the owner of The Studio

This creative space has become a hub for aspiring dancers, actors, and singers of all ages, offering a wide range of classes, workshops, and performances. With the help of an amazing group of teachers and staff, we continue to mentor and nurture young talent, fostering their growth, and helping them discover their own artistic potential. 

Through our guidance, countless students have found their voices, developed confidence, and embarked on their own journeys in the performing arts.  

Our love for the performing arts, combined with our dedication and talent, have made a profound impact on the lives of those we teach and the community we serve

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