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Music Lessons

Piano Lessons


 Voice Lessons




  • All music lessons include 30 minutes of individual instrument instruction. At his/her convenience, each music student may sign up for a 30 minute session of music theory via computer.


  • All music instructors highly encourage daily practice and expect their students to work hard and do there best.


  • All students need to have a small notebook along with any music book to each lesson.


  • There will a music expo in December and a music recital in May/June. Dates are to be determined.





  • Before your child can participate in the Music Expo, Music Recital and/or Spring Production, your account must be current.


  • All students at The Studio are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Music Expo, Music Recital, and Spring Production. However, should a student choose not to participate, he/she is still welcome to attend music lessons.


  • Once you have committed your child to performing in the Music Expo and/or Music Recital, you will be responsible for the nominal fees associated with each

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